Thursday, March 27, 2014

Study, Study, Study!!

Holy smokes it's already Thursday and tomorrow starts SB2K14 part 2 for me. This Sunday I leave with family along with family friends for a week of pure bliss to the lovely Costa Rica. I am beyond excited to zip line and hopefully catch a fishing trip along with so many other great things! Before I do that though I have so much school work to accomplish and what feels like so little time. I have sat down though and prepared a list of things (I am a list person.. I make need to do's, should do's, and could do's list all day long.) that I need to do to prepare for a successful week. These are tips you can us whether you are in college or in high school. I don't discriminate! So below are my tips!!

1. No multitasking: Put that darn phone away. Yeah that probably sounds super hypocritical coming out of mouth and as I post this blog. I did this in my break time though which will come later in the list. These phones though seem to bring all kinds of distractions. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat we find ourselves giving hours to these apps. I find that when I put my phone down I get more down and spend more time focused on my work.

2. Study for long periods of time: No I am not suggesting you go pop some addy and study for 12 days strait. I am saying study for at least an hour. When we study in short cram sessions our brains tend not to retain as much information.

3. Start at least 3 nights before exam: You should get a good head start so you have more time to retain and really learn the test material!

4. Make the info sticky: Make flash cards whether they be on paper, quizlet, or study blue for easier mobility make a way to have access to study material at any time of the day.

5.Stay out of that bed: DONT STUDY IN BED.. We accomplish nothing when we get cozy in that bed. Stay out, go find a desk or study room somewhere quiet that you can accomplish big things in.

6. Prepare: Prepare yourself for anything. Make sure you truly understand all the material. Be so prepared you could do the whole test in essay form if you had to.

7. Stay Calm: make sure to stay calm and relax. Getting stressed instead of preparing will do you no good. Take little breaks while studying to go take a walk or check that phone that you put away.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me this week! Prayers would be greatly appreciated today for my test and I wish you all the most blessed and happy Thursday!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

So many fun and exciting things!

   Wow what a week/weekend it has been here in the city of Tallahassee. On Monday I started my job at The Orourke Group which is Governor Rick Scotts fundraising staff. I couldn't be more excited and honored to get to be a part of a group of hardworking smart individuals. I look forward to the many opportunities this job will bring me!

   Along with the wonderful first week at the new job I had an awesome weekend with my boyfriend and friends. I always love a good relaxing weekend. I spent time shopping and, at the lottery, and stopped by the Rez here near campus.

   Well I am ending my weekend writing a minimum 3 1/2 page paper and watching Modern Family on Hulu. I hope everyone has had a blessed and lovely weekend.

*Along with a lovely week/weekend this is my 30 post. How exciting is this? Make sure to keep posted on some fun exciting things to come for the blog!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fab Fav Five for Friday..

I am not so much in a thank goodness it's kind of mood. My spring break is coming to an end and this is really kind of making me sad. It's ok though because in two weeks I will be sitting on the coast of one of my favorite countries.... COSTA RICA! I have travelled there once before and I was so in love so I cant wait to travel back. Before that though on this Friday I want to share with you five of my fav things happening this week. 

  1. Scandal: My top fav thing this week along with every week is SCANDAL! Scandal is the hit show on ABC where the glamorous and poised Mrs. Kerry Washington is a gladiator in a suit having an affair with The President of the United States of America. Olivia Pope is what any woman in the political field wishes to be and I pray one day I become. Last nights episode along with every episode ever shown was a nail biter and a thriller. 
  2. What Would Jackie/Audrey Do?: Ok yes it may be two books but I am grouping them as one. I cant get enough of either of these books this week. Both ladies are two big idols and inspirations of mine. Both books talk about social, fashion, beauty, and relationship scenarios and how each lady would handle them. I bought the books a few years ago and have read and reread them many times. This week I decided to revisit them and remembered why I fell in love the first time. They are something I would recommend to any young lady!
  3.  Medium Hair: Today I am chopping off like half of my hair. I have not been able to get enough of Courtney Kerr's adorable medium hair cut and today I finally have a few seconds to sit and chop all this hair off. I am going with a very similar cut as Courtney's with just a little more length! I am hoping all goes well and I will share pics with you soon.
  4. Maxi dresses: So these excessive amounts of cloth they call maxi dresses are all I want in my closet at the moment. They are some of the most comfortable things I have found. I am not a yoga pants or sweat pants kind of girl, so these dresses are my yoga pants. I have purchased three in the past week and plan on many more to come.
  5. Frozen: The crazy thing is I haven't even seen the movie yet but I am pretty sure I am going to be in LOVE. I can't get enough of the song Let It Go and the one about the snowman. I have dropped hints and pretty much nagged my parents to death of how amazing it would be to have the movie, so I am hoping I end up with a little surprise in my dorm mailbox.

This week didn't seem long enough but that's probably because it was my week off. I hope everyone has a great Friday and safe weekend though. I look forward to sharing with you this weekend my new job venture!

How to keep your faith in college.. (Or life in general)
OH MY GOSH.. This post is short but I think one of the best ways for any young lady to start her day. Whether you are in college or in high school stop this morning an read the article linked to the photo.. I came across the article from fellow blogger The Monogrammed Miss. Have a great Thursday and get excited for my Throw back post for later today!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Origami Owl; Tell your Story..
So I am now completely obsessed with Origami Owl and their mission. Origami Owl is the process of telling your story through jewelry. I received my first one from my mother as a just because gift with an anchor, lipstick, and the word love. These charms were my starter charms and each tell a little piece of me. I am super excited for this weekend cause I am hosting my first jewelry bar and will be ordering more charms for my bracelet and getting parts to create a necklace as long as getting a sneak peek of the new products.
So for two of my new bracelets I will be telling two stories of my life that I a so proud of and very passionate about. My first locket I will be doing is for politics. You should have known this me being the political junkie and all. I will be ordering red, white, and blue stones. Along with the stones I am getting the American flag and of course the elephant charm. This bracelet that will be an adorable addition to all of my other elephant pieces. The second locket I will be doing is one that is inspired by my blogging. Fashion and blogging is all very new to me but something that I want to take very serious and get good at. I want to add to my lipstick by ordering the purse, heel, heart glasses, and the pink and turquoise rhinestone. I am very excited to have this locket set to wear when I am blogging as a mini inspiration to me every time I sit down to write.
I look for inspirational aspects to life in all forms. Words, songs, objects, and people are all places and things that I look to as inspiration. Blogging has become something I enjoy and hope to keep building bigger. For now I will keep doing it for my few readers and still loving it more than ever. I hope that you have seen my bracelet though and fell in love as much as I have with Origami Owl. I will add the link to one of my good friends O2 links for you to start creating your story.
The great thing about O2 is that the start cost is very variable and to continue to add charms and creating stories is not an expensive hobby. That excites me the most. When you create your story I would love to see.
Hope you are having a great week. Stay humble and never forget how blessed you are for the many things you have.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday: Ann Lois Romney

Ann Romney to me is a woman of grace and class. Through out the 2008 and 2012 election she was a strong and confident woman who stood beside her husband and supported him in his run for Presidency. Ann Romney is more than just the women who stood beside her husband while he took the spotlight, she is a woman with an education and a woman of strength which is what won her the spot of my first Woman Crush Wednesday post.
Let me first start off by saying if you have not seen the Mitt special on Netflix stop what you are doing and go watch it right this instance. Anyways let me start with the early history of Mrs. Romney. Ann Romney was born Ann Lois Davies on April 16 1949 in Detroit Michigan. Ann and Mitt Romney have known each other since early Elementary school days. The two went to the paired all boys and all girls schools where they lived. The two were re-introduced in 1965 which is when they would begin their relationship. Ann made the decision in her early years of college to convert to Mormonism and did so under the guidance of George Romney, Mitt Romney's father which is where she would be re-introduced to Mitt. In 1968 the pair married and would have their first child by 1970. Ann Romney went on to be a stay at home mother to her and Mitts 5 sons. Ann was criticized by her parents and peers for marrying and starting a large family so young. Ann didn't mind though and became an active member in the PTA, taught seminary to the young children in their community, and was a member of The League of Women voters. Ann planned to go back and receive her masters but children, family, and later health problems would stall that process.
In the later part of 1998 Ann underwent many test and not far before 

Thanksgiving and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The affects of MS took a rough toll on Mrs. Romney at first but she learned how to use mainstream and alternative treatments to help with the pain. Equestrian riding was a big help for Ann Romney.
Ann Romney has been involved in many charitable events prior to politics and throughout her husbands political career. My love and inspiration for Mrs. Romney is more than just her grace and poise. Anne Romney is a woman who built a bond and relationship with a man that many married couples will never experience, she built a family and a legacy that will live on forever, and she opened her life and home to Americans so they could see the real Romney's. Ann Romney is a strong woman and a woman I hope to one day become. 

I have shared with you my woman crush and a littler bit about her background now I would love for you to share yours. Comment or email me sharing who you look up to and get inspired by each day I would love to know.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Frozen Friday..

    Frozen Friday is what I am calling today. Yes I live in Florida but today it is way to cold to be in Florida along with the fact that I cannot stop obsessing over the movie FROZEN. I am so upset because I never made it to the theatre to see the movie but you can bet that I will be purchasing as soon as it comes out on DVD. I literally have had the song "Let It Go," by Idina Menzel because lets be honest with ourselves its the best thing since sliced bread!
I am just going to go ahead and share it with you because I'm just too in love with this song.
Besides being frozen on this Friday evening I am preparing for tomorrows big lottery event. Here in my hometown of The Villages the Florida Lottery is holding an event and I will be helping host the event. I am super excited to get to come to my hometown and be a part of this event.
     Well I hope everyone has a great Friday evening and can't wait to share about tomorrows event! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

State of the State just a tad bit late..

So as you are all aware I am a political junkie! This past week has been one crazy week for myself and the rest of the city of Tallahassee. This week kicked of the 60 days of what I like to think of as war in the Capitol. All of the senators and representatives from across the state came together to kick of this years session. On Tuesday March 4 Governor Rick Scott gave is his 4th State of the State Address. This address though could be considered his most crucial one yet being that he is headed into an election year! The Governors speech talked about how life was when he took office back in 2010, he spoke about the economy, tax increases, and unemployment. Governor Scott the. Continued to talk about all the improvements we as a state and the legislator have made these past three years! The Governor shared many personal stories of Floridians and even a few of his own. I'm excited to get to watch and be a part of this years legislative process and fingers crossed there is some really awesome opportunities coming way! So fingers crossed and prayers would be greatly appreciated! Below I'm sharing with you some of my favorite qoutes from the Governors speech:
"If we do all this, we can make Florida not just the land of 700,000 new jobs."
"We will make Florida the land of opportunity."
"Well…all I can tell you is that we are all products of our own experiences in life."
"I didn’t start caring about jobs when I ran a company. I started caring about jobs when I saw my father lose his."
"We have more work left to do; so let’s keep working."
I am also copying the link of the of the speech for anyone interested in reading it! This is a big election year and I am very sure I will in some way be taking part in the re-election of Governor Scott the Governor of this great state! 

I hope everyone is having a great week! Also all you spring breakers have fun and be safe❤️