Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inspiration post❤️

I have absolutely adored this blogging experience since day one! I love sharing with you my faith, favorite foods and so much more! I have been feeling so happy and inspired lately I thought I would share with you some of the things that's inspire me✌️

Jackie O is one of the most classic fashion icons to me ever! She is a women of strength, courage, and integrity. Though much fuss surrounded her and her family during their stay at the White House and their life was publisized often Jackie O lived with such class and ease. One of my favorite books I have is called, "What would Jackie do," it is a book all about scenarios and how Jackie would have handles them! It's one of my all time favorites! 

Anther new inspiration to me is Mrs. Ann Romney! Being the political nerd that I am came home yesterday for lunch and curled up to watch Mitt on Netflix. I always had loved the Romney family before for their dedication to their faith and family but after watching I really have grown to love Mrs. Romney. Throughout both campaigns and most of their married lives Ann has been the voice of reason. She was the rock to their relationship she built a home with a man she loves and raised a family with her lifetime partner that is continually growing. She also has an illness that very few know about. Ann was diagnosed with MS and they say you would never know that because she takes care of herself and her disease and looks for no pitty or attention. She is another very classy and inspirational woman to me. I look forward to purchasing her most recent cook book that shares many family favorite recipes and stories of the Romney family.

There are so many other people I find inspiring as well I only highlighted a few but the others include  such as Oprah, Courtney Kerr, Tim Tebow, The robertson Family, and my grandfather❤️ 

Along with people I have songs that inspire me! These are songs that simply just uplift me when I'm having a down moment whether it be a relationship, school, work, or whatever else could be making me feel down these are some of my go to jam session songs.. 

Happy: Pharell Williams
Try a little tenderness: Otis Redding

Murder: Justin Timerlake with Jay Z
I was here: Beyoncé
   These are just a few songs I don't want to post them all but these songs in some way help me either inspire, make me feel better, and just get me pumped about something.
  Another thing I want to share with you that is a new found love of mine is Kid President! This little kid has one of the most inspiring little voices right now in "Murica," he is travelling the country meeting with people and raising awareness for different causes. I love his free spirit and his ever so humble and servant heart I am sharing with you a few of my favorite little videos of his!

This first video is the behind the scenes of how Kid President was created! Then below I posted two of his video I find very affective!

 This is a pep talk with Kid President

20 things we should say more

And the last things I will leave you with are some inspiring quotes to me! Some are bible verses and some are just quotes!

- Being thankful is more than saying thank you, I have to show it! 

- If the dreams that you have don't scare you just a little bit, then you are not dreaming big enough✌️

- "Turning your ear to wisom and applying your heart to understanding," Proverbs 2:2

So there are a couple of my inspirational things that I hope you enjoy!! I will wrap this post up with my Proverbs day 3! Today I chose two verses I found that really spoke to me.. "Trust The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 and "The wise inherit honor, but fools get only shame." Proverbs 3:35.. Well I hope you have enjoyed today's post and I am super excited to be sharing some exciting stuff with you in the next coming days.. Happy Tuesday and have a great day❤️


  1. I totally love this post, it's great! And I totally agree those bible verses are so inspirational to me :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Those are 2 of my absolute favorite Jackie photos! And I think Ann Romney is wonderful! AND I absolutely adore Kid President!

    This is such a happy post :)

    XX,SS |

  3. Love both you sweet girls nice words!! Thank you❤️