Thursday, January 29, 2015

Flash Back Friday: Nationals year 2

{2013 Officers rocking out}

It's that time of year again. Time to bring out the green and gold, practice our best cheerleader screams, and support a group of girls who have dedicated not only the last few months but years to this moment. It's nationals weekend and time to reminisce. Last year when I wrote this post it was one of my most popular post and still is to this day which it should be.The Golden Girls deserve every bit of praise they get for their hardwork and dedication to their sport. (Yes I'm bias and NO I don't care)

{living on the edge of glory with a group of girls I would give it all to be back with}

{2014 girls setting up to kill their Pom routine}

{when you accomplish great things all you can do is smile and enjoy with your sisters} 

{Sophomore year Elvis routine}

For years I took for granted the hours of daily practice, the missed Friday nights, and those horrible early Saturday mornings. What I would give though to be back in that studio with my 22 sisters preparing for a National title and making memories that will last me a lifetime.

{Long Live the walls we crashed through, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you}

Golden Girls teaches you more than just what it means to be a teammate. It taught me passion for my goals, it taught me focus in my life, and taught me that no matter what I AM JUST THE WOMAN TO DO IT. Mrs. Baker was an instrumental part of all those teachings and to her I am forever grateful. She was my second mother when my mom couldn't be there and pushed me everyday to be a better person. 

{You can't help but smile when being with her} 

{Being a fan with her was a memory I will cherish forever}

To this years girls from Freshman to Seniors I hope you take every moment this weekend and make it the best you can. Stay focused on the ultimate goal but don't forget to enjoy your sisters. You have all worked hard to get to this spot and you all deserve to rejoice in its glory! 
Don't ever forget you didn't get to this moment alone it took your sisters, your coaches, parents, and schools support. 
Seniors be sure to especially enjoy the moment no matter the outcome, this is it girls make your legacy count and don't forget to thank your team it took every single one of you to get to that floor. 

{When you love, work, and play the way we did that year you can't help but cry tears of joy for the glory of the prize}

{I'm on the Edge with YOU}

{Here is that one time we beat The Floyd Central Dazzlers at camp.. Yes that really happened}

To Coach P I'm not sure I have ever shared this with you but you were my dance inspiration since I stepped on to the varsity team. I can remember a distinct practice where you spent a majority of its time sitting and focusing working skills with me my sophomore year. To me that meant the world that someone would take the time to help better me as a dancer and I have made sure to pass on the favor whenever I can. I am beyond excited for you in this new journey you have embarked on and love being able to support you in any way I can and will continue to do so! 

Coach Sasser though I have never danced under your direction I have had the pleasure of knowing you on a personal level! Keep your love and a spunk for the girls because it's infectious, and that is seen by all. You are a hard worker and great role model. 

To the parents, remember this weekend is about the girls! There will be times they forget how much you have done to prepare for this weekend and the time and effort you have put in to make this season happen. Don't fret I promise you one day they will realize all the great things you did for them. As I sat the other night helping make buttons and fan paddles I took a moment in realizing the things my mom had went through to make sure that everything was perfect my nationals weekend. Never once did she complain and still to this day she won't say an ill word about it and volunteers to help whenever she can. Wisdom comes with age and I'm not claiming to be wise I'm just claiming to have grown mature enough to be grateful for my mother and all her time! 

I look forward to watching all you girls and supporting your hardwork. I'm excited to see familiar faces and recount the nationals memories made over the years. This is your time girls go forth and make every minute of it the best that you can. 

Love to you all, 
   One very Proud Alumni, Morgan Kennedy Miller 


  1. Very nice read this morning, Morgan! 💚💛

    1. Thank you Mrs. Debbie.. Very excited to spend my weekend cheering on Miss. Abigail and all of her teams hard work!

  2. Love this post! My high school's colors were green and gold as well! I always love watching cheer teams, it's amazing some of the things these girls do! Thanks for sharing!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster