Tuesday, January 27, 2015


{The moment we take life to seriously is the moment we lose who we are}

Everyday I turn around and another girl or guy I went to school with is getting engaged, married, or having a baby. As joyous and amazing as all these occasions are remember we are only 19/20 years YOUNG! Life is just starting, all those amazing stories we were told about finding ourselves and travelling the world that is this time right here right now.

Now please know that I don't judge you if you are a part of any of the above scenarios. If anything I send my blessing and I wish you the best of luck. Those of you though who think that is what life is about rushing to get married, have kids, and make a life know you have plenty of years to do that. Right now is the time to make mistakes, love hard, and go places beyond what you ever dreamed.

I recently just got out of a three year relationship that I swore was the boy that I would marry. You know it may be but right now he is not the boy for me. I am young, I am vibrant, and I am confident. Being with him though I forgot all those things about me and while getting out of a relationship with him I really forgot those things about myself.

Over the past six months I allowed a boy to control how I thought about myself and even now catch myself worried what he would think. The truth is though it doesn't matter! I have to wake up each morning and look in the mirror and be proud of the things I have done for myself not for others satisfaction.

Over the last six months I had lost my spunk and zest for life. I didn't have goals and I forgot what my dreams were because I was so focused on making sure I kept someone else happy that I forgot to see if I was happy. As the relationship ended I had found myself in such a hurt place that I then threw my time, money, and energy into things that I thought would make me happy but actually were only hurting me more. I was going out constantly and distancing myself from God. I emotionally shopped on the days I felt weak and pushed away my feelings in order to not have to face the issue. This was not the answer though.

Over Christmas my parents sat me down though and had one of their come to Jesus meetings with me about the path I was forging for myself. They told me they were worried cause this was not the Morgan they knew. As it hurt it was also eye opening, I had been suppressing my feelings to not have to deal with them but no one had truly brought it to my attention and that was exactly what this meeting was about.

As I work each day to get back to where I was I realize now that being single is the best thing for me. I have no one to answer to but myself for my actions. I am getting back to loving who I am and laughing. God laughing is the best, I truly enjoy a moment of laugh so hard you cry it is one of the most cleansing feelings of the human body. One of my newest favorites is my gym. Sweat Therapy Fitness, #sweattherapyisthebesttherapy Sweat has really taught me how to love myself again and show me how strong I am not just physically but mentally as well.

{You have to love yourself first}

Fellow young people, take a breath and look around. Life is fast and before you know it, it is all over. Don't allow someone to dictate that for you and don't rush any part of it. Love life and most importantly love yourself. Hope you are having a great Tuesday, I would love to hear yall's comments on the piece and know what you think!

  Morgan Kennedy Miller


  1. YOU GO, GIRL! You should always make sure that you're happy with yourself before you can worry about other people's happiness.
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  2. Yess! I think being single is so fun sometimes!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. you are adorable and ahve the prettiest smile

  4. Sorry to hear you are recovering from a bad relationship, but it sounds like you have come a long way. On a side note: it can be amazing to get married young if it's to the right person and someone that helps you explore and grow. I got married when I was 21 and 6 years later, I don't regret the decision and think we had more fun and freedom than a lot of our single friends.
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