Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Review: "Is everyone hanging out with me? (And other concerns)"-Mindy Kaling

So I have just finished what I think could be one of the funniest books I have read in a while. That being said I haven't picked up a book and read cover to cover in a very long time. Mindy Kalings new book though had me so inthraled that I read in a day and a half.

Within pages of this comedic essay compiled book I determined that if spirit animals were a thing and I had never thought that many other Hollywood famous persons had been my spirit animal Mindy Kaling is my true spirit animal. With her sarcastic sense of humor, quick wit, and her over internalizing ability on life I quickly connected to her while reading. Mindy explains life through her comedic way internalizing the many moments of life and rationalizing their importance. I found her story inspiring in the sense of a young women with a dream trying to survive. I haven't totally hit the "no job but still have bills to pay point in my life" but I found it inspiring to see how she made it work. I enjoy her tips about men and friends, my favorite chapter probably being the one were she breakdown how best friends work and that no matter what they do or what you do a bestfriend will still be your friend through it all. 

I came upon Kalings new book through my New Years resolution. This year I am vowing to full body healthy, more intellectual stimulation, and more public service. I'm not making the vow to lose 100 pounds and become the next Giselle but figuring out what makes me happy while giving back for all that I have been given is something I plan to hone in on this year. 

The book was bought for the intellectual stimulating part of my resolution. Though it's not about some great moment in history or some riveting story about a soldier princess it helped me in realizing I'm not the only crazy over analyzing, thrill seeking, hopeless romantic in the world. I was sad to have gone through so quickly but more excited to be able to now share this book with my bestfriend and get started on my next book, 41 a Portrait of my Father. 

Well happy tbt and I can't wait to share with you my thoughts on my next book! 

   Morgan K. Miller 

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